Our New State-of-the-Art ACARS


Together with VAbase, we have a new ACARS. ACARS will detect the aircraft automatically from your FS (check aircraft.cfg). After you booked a flight, you may dispatch the flight directly in SIMBRIEF, or you dispatch an your own and add the required indormation in ACARS.

You may dispatch a charter flight through SIMBRIEF. Either through our dispatch, or directly with SIMBRIEF. After you loaded ACARS and you logged-in, the flight will appear there, or you just import from Simbrief (add your SIMBRIEF user name in ACARS config)

If you want fly charter flights, a SIMBRIEF Log-In name is mandatory.

Please also follow the Aircraft Subsititution Page.

If you wish to fly a different aircraft, kindly add the ICAO code of the aircraft in the Flight-Plan field of your ACARS. Either before the FP string or after the FP string. Thank you.

ACARS will record all details of the flight. After you finish the flight, you will receive a score. Your SKILL Analysis is shown in the PIREP. It will include the correct usage of Landing Lights, Beacon Lights, Taxi Speed, Overspeed below 10k ft, Stalland a crash.

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